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Shero Collective is a women-led organization that started as a pro-social community initiative back in 2019 that sought to highlight the behind-the-scenes stories, people and relationships that elevate the social fabric of Hip Hop culture. 

Through a series of long and short documentary films, interviews, iconic photojournalism, educational panels, exhibits and other activations, as well as mentorship and internship opportunities, we hope to unite the community by sharing their stories, help them to shape the public narrative of our culture and community, and empower them to participate in the evolving opportunities that will arise along with the growing popularity of breakin' at a commercial and professional level. Additionally, Shero Collective seeks to encourage more gender-balance by highlighting the roles female community members.

About: Who We Are


Meet the Team

About: Meet the Team
Carla A. Silveira-Hernandez.jpg


Founder & Executive Director

Carla ( also known by her artist name She-Rōze) began breakin’ while attending the University of Florida in 1997. She later transferred to Florida International University to finalize her B.S. degree in Journalism & Mass Communications, and to pursue better internship opportunities.

She began her career developing event sponsorship materials for University of Florida’s breakin’ club The Hip Hop Collective, as well as Hip Hop Master’s Pro Am in 2001. She later went on to develop digital marketing strategy for MTV Latin America and launched their mobile platform as a producer in their New Media department. She is currently the Director of Creative & Content Strategy for a global nutrition company. 

Throughout her career, she has continued to be an advocate and supporter of  Hip Hop and the Breakin’ community, volunteering her professional skills to bboy publications like BTWN the BRKS and grassroots organizations like the Beat Swap Meet and No Easy Props. She is also the Executive Producer for Artson Music and the Founder of the Shero Collective, a pro-social initiative dedicated to highlighting community heroes, promoting gender-balance, and creating career development opportunities.

Her latest Hip Hop documentary, The Making of a Brave Star, was premiered by the Austin Film Society in 2019 association with BBoy City’s 25th anniversary. She also presented at Arizona State University regarding her series, Raising the Culture and Breakin' Barriers.

Carla is currently in production on a new documentary film, Rooted, which will focus on the global community that has developed as a result of Hip Hop and Breakin’ culture. She is also set to release her debut album as She-Rōze entitled, We Rise, which is inspired and dedicated to the women in her family and the Hip Hop community. Proceeds from the album will go to supporting the work of the Shero Collective as well as other organizations we partner with.

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